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Jobseeker Faq

  1. Finding Suppliers

    TENDERS has a number of suppliers who are registered for specific categories in which they offer products and services. A listing of these suppliers is available on the TENDERS website at within each category and sub-category. . You can also get a list of suppliers for a specific product or service by using the search option provided and typing in the name of the product or service that you are looking for suppliers. This will generate a list of suppliers for this product / service. You can also narrow your list to a specific country or category using the Advance Search option that eboxTENDERS offers. Another way to find your suppliers is to just request a quote for the products and services that you need. eboxTENDERS will immediately forward your request to suppliers who have registered with us in the category and they will be notified almost immediately. Interested suppliers who can meet your requirements will then contact you and send you their quotes which you can assess and select from. TENDERS endeavors to give you the maximum choice of suppliers and we send your quote requests to multiple suppliers who are registered with us for the category so that you receive multiple quotes that aid your decision making.

  2. What do I need to do to be a buyer on TENDERS?

    You simply need to visit TENDERS com and register as a buyer. We ask for minimum information such as your name, name of your business, the city and country that you are located in and your telephone and email for contact. You can choose to fill in more details including the profile of your business, the type of requirements that you have for products and services and more detailed contact information. Submitting these makes you a registered buyer on TENDERS and you will receive an email confirming your registration with a password for secure access. As a buyer you do not need any make any payments to register on TENDERS. Your email address and password helps you login each time on TENDERS and once you have filled in your details, you do not need to fill them in again.

  3. How does TENDERS work?

    TENDERS is a website that is available 24x7 and is fully automated. Buyers and suppliers need to register on the website through a simple form that takes a few minutes to fill. Once suppliers register they can list themselves on TENDERS by filling in details online. These listings will appear almost immediately and buyers on TENDERS will see these in the categories of products and services for which they are registered. Buyers can register within a simple procedure and post their requirements on TENDERS. These requirements are detailed with information for the suppliers that help them quote accurately. Requirements are sent immediately to registered suppliers by email with contact information of the buyers. These suppliers can then prepare quotes and forward them to the buyers immediately.